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Carried by an acoustic embedded module in a carrier card, this new communication protocol combines two factors encrypted identification and authentication ensures confidentiality and 'integrity of personal data "tokenized" to be transmitted over Internet networks, fixed and mobile

Its sound operation (manifestation of consent), the "online" signature, the whole being protected by a personal PIN customizable and revocation lists managed by an  independent Instance Validation Provider Registration and Authentication Digital.
These multifactors are inseparable constituent of the digital identity of the holder who has exclusive use of the card.
Official recognition resulting from the work published by ICT (Information Communication Technologies) in the European Commission (SSEDIC Scoping the Single European Digital Identity Community/Working Programme 5).
A new standard, to move from the past to the future.


Today , we are invaded by passwords. The challenge is to replace reliance on passwords with an authentication approach that provides both better security and a superior user experience.


In the growing and vibrant authentication ecosystem and to provide a more user-friendly authentication experience, TRUXTUN Capital is developing new disruptive identity and payment application based on EMVCo use cases that will support Consumer Device Cardholder Verification Method (CDCVM) on every FIDO-compliant mobile device, the fact being that the mobile industry is rapidly adopting FIDO authentication, with FIDO Certified solutions already available on flagship mobile devices from six of the top 10 mobile handset manufacturers.


That move will make it easier for consumers to use on-device FIDO Certified authenticators—such as a fingerprint or selfie biometrics combined with an acoustic card and pin code authenticators — to securely verify their presence when making an in-store or in-app mobile payment. 


From this point of view, 3DSA2.0 desiwants to become a NEW standard for Strong multi-factor authentication using various technologies including biometrics technologies, bank card issuing capabilities and Standards (EMV Standards, e-SEPA based interoperability using standard Bank schemes (PCI DSS / EMV Tokenization). In addition, this new protocol based on 3D Secure 2.0 has the potential to significantly reshape the fraud landscape in the card not present space.

Based on strong authentication, 3DSA 2.0 has been designed to significantly improves the cardholder experience and enhance the security of digital transactions and simplify the customer experience on  mobile, tablet and other currencies. 

As well as acoustic card, combined with PIN Code and Authenticators FIDO Certified, 3DSA 2.0’s App. supports facial recognition, fingerprint biometrics, offering users a choice of authenticating a mobile payment with either their acoustic card, face or finger at the point of purchase — idea being to speed up ecommerce by eschewing the need for online shoppers to remember yet another password. For consumers, paying online will be as fast, simple and convenient as ever.

To do commerce in a safe and secure method, 3DSA2.0's objectives are to provides the highest assurance level by applying a multi-factor authentication method consisting of “Who you are”(biometrics) and “What you have”(devices).

The ultimate goal with this new global standard is to provide the best practice for online authentication by developing a safe, effective and user-friendly method to authenticate cardholders and reduce fraud and its related costs on any payment channel.

Otherwise, 3DSA2.0 strong authentication products that are certified conformant with the specifications of the FIDO Alliance and interoperable with other FIDO-certified products and solutions architecture wants to provide a secure environment, prevents repudiation and assures data integrity during financial transactions. 

Users are now calling for a safer, more convenient and innovative authentication. For TRUXTUN Capital, technological challenges offer further evidence and validation of the company's growing credibility and importance in promoting and establishing 3DSA as a strong authentication standard who could prove strongly effective. 

As well, Wega 3DSA2.0 Solutions are specifically tailored to comply with European data privacy regulations and the development of regulatory requirements for strong customer authentication under PSD2 .

Choose to adopt and implement 3DSA 2.0 Fido Certified products suite is to have the guarantee  that cardholders won't be held responsible for unauthorized charges made with their account, online or offline. Each is protected if their credit or debit card is lost, stolen or fraudulently used, online or offline.

As with any new standard, preparation is paramount. The roadmap here extends across a few years and the initial rollout, in Europe anyway, is slated for the second quarter of 2017. As the industry moves collectively to adopt and implement the 3-D Secure 2.0 protocol, TRUXTUN Capital will partner with stakeholders around the world to deploy pilots in advance of the program activation date.

3DSA2.0 FIDO Certified

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