TRUXTUN’s initial target will be the banking and financial services market which has an increasing occurrence of identity theft, financial losses, and a large customer base that has insufficient confidence in the security of online banking. The business opportunity for TRUXTUN Capital is to maintain a permanent presence in the supply chain as the lowest cost producer of embedded complex micro-electronics components that can have a very wide application in the IAM space and be sold to many customers in many spaces. 

Marketing & Branding 

The ubiquity and user familiarity of cards lowers the marketing challenge to the end-user for TRUXTUN in its introduction of new generation (but still intuitive to use) powered secure cards. Initially, the marketing focus is to create awareness and encourage affinity towards the cost-effectiveness of TRUXTUN solutions with corporate customers in target verticals. Another important marketing driver will be strategic alliances, including incumbent participants in the value chain, with whom TRUXTUN may need to work to exploit particular opportunities. 

Prepaid MasterCard Program Manager

Truxtun Capital SA are prepaid MasterCard program managers.

We are sponsors of Manchester City Football Club , New York City Football Club​ and are putting several payment related products and services together for their member and fan base, including virtual and physical prepaid MasterCard {Programs]. The Programs are issued by Transact Payments Limited, an e-money institution principal member of MasterCard International Incorporated. 

AuDio Smart Card

TRUXTUN research & development has culminated in the creation of breakthrough next-generation powered smart cards. The Companie has developed a new banking card, the Wega 3DSA 2.0  AuDioCard, , a self-powered, multi-purpose electronic transaction and identity authentication device which offers the highest level of security available today. Validated by Mastercard, Wega  is a card and a token in ONE Bank Card. The card offers strong security for online transactions, such as internet banking and e-commerce.

Product Porfolio

A TRUXTUN offering is a complete solution can be customised by combining different electronic components, embedded in thin flexible physical platforms (being currently cards but have the potential to be of almost any form factor), plus logical product applications that perform a variety of generic functions, plus supplementary services to achieve seamless integration with customers’ existing systems and infrastructure. TRUXTUN already has the supplementary integration services capability directly or via alliance partners.

New Product Development 

The Research & New Product Development function covers the research, design and testing, and continual improvement of TRUXTUN products and its unique card manufacturing technologies. The aim of these activities is to design products that will maintain a strong position on the “high ground” of the market in terms of completeness and strength of IAM solution, with low cost and high reliability.TRUXTUN maintains a proactive hardware and software program and patentability of its technology .

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