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Global Partnership with Manchester City & New York City

July 4, 2016

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TRUXTUN Capital is pleased to announce its participation in the FIDO Europe Working Group.

November 3, 2017



FIDO Alliance Launches Working Group to Expand the Use of FIDO Authentication Standards in Europe. This Regional Working Group has been established to raise awareness and educate industry participants and key decision makers on FIDO and simpler, stronger authentication. While we recognize Europe is a diverse geographical area with many industry players, the Working Group will initially focus on the European regulation that is underway: PSD2, GDPR and eIDAS. Attached you will find the charter of the Working Group, which describes in detail the scope and planned deliverables of the group.


The Necessity of setting up the FIDO Europe Working Group:

FIDO has been successful in other parts of the world by establishing local Working Groups to ensure local presence and engagement, in local language. Regional Working Groups also allow members to meet face to face on a more regular basis. Given the small number of European members in the alliance, a Europe Working Group would be a good way to raise awareness and generate interest in FIDO in Brussels and across continental Europe.

There are three major European Commission initiatives that are influencing the European authentication market: the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2); eIDAS, and; the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Each of these has seen European regulators e establishing regulations that have the potential to impact the adoption of FIDO. There has been some success to date in ensuring that FIDO is accepted as a standard used to implement solutions in compliance with the regulations, however, more work can be done to ensure that FIDO emerges as a “preferred” authentication solution to comply with these rules. A local presence would ensure that the right relationships are built and appropriate engagement takes place with regulators, vendors and service providers. 




The FIDO Europe Working Group will facilitate communication and cooperation within the European market to promote deployment of FIDO solutions, improve FIDO awareness and collect regulatory requirements from the relevant European stakeholders, working closely with policy makers.

The FEWG will coordinate with other FIDO Working Groups within the Alliance to ensure any requirements unique to Europe are considered.


The FEWG will work with the FIDO Public Policy (or Government Engagement) program to coordinate any activities and communication with regulators and provide information, education and guidance to educate European policy makers, in particular with respect to the PSD2, eIDAS, and GDPR requirements and the role of FIDO authentication in products and services subject to those regulations.


The FEWG, and in particular the FEWG leadership, will work in conjunction with the MarCom Committee and the FIDO Marketing team to support public relations efforts in the region. This may include serving as a FIDO Alliance spokesperson with media, analysts and at industry events. 



The FIDO Europe Working Group’s efforts will initially focus on these items:


●  Specific to PSD2 and GDPR, ensuring that regulators both in the EU and its member states continue to recognize FIDO as a compliant solution, and providing education and materials with a view to encouraging the European payments industry to adopt FIDO.

●  Facilitating meetings and establishing relationships with European companies, including financial services firms, local vendors,, OEMs, service providers, relying parties etc. to educate them on the benefits of FIDO adoption (existing FIDO specifications).

●  Coordinate with the other Technical Work Groups to ensure alignment with European requirements and regulations.

●  Promote the expansion and availability of FIDO-enabled solutions in Europe.

●  Report any concerns raised in Europe that pose a threat to FIDO adoption.

●  Build relationships with companies interested in joining the FIDO Alliance as members.

●  Foster relationships with any organizations interested in entering into a liaison partnership with

the FIDO Alliance.

●  Provide information on opportunities for local FIDO sponsored events and seminars and

promoting any such events to local contacts.

●  Produce translated versions of FIDO Alliance publications, including but not limited to translated

versions of FIDO specifications, if applicable. 



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